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BarristerSELECT is a world-first online service that connects solicitors with barristers from Sydney’s most progressive chambers. With no fees to send a brief, our easy to use, same day service harnesses the experience and knowledge of the barrister clerk to provide an appropriate recommendation for opinion or representation.

Time saving, transparent and easy to use

Solicitors no longer need to call chamber by chamber to find an appropriate barrister

Same-day service. Requests before noon will receive a response by 4.30pm

Online form takes less than five minutes to complete

Ensures transparency and parity in the briefing process

Pre-select your preferred barristers or chambers

The intuitive form leads you through the straightforward briefing process by:

  • Type of work
  • Jurisdiction
  • Practice Area
  • Seniority
  • Fee Structure
  • Time Frame

It provides the barristers’ clerk with relevant information to ensure the best recommendation.

  • Name of matter
  • Notes
  • Number of folders
  • Preferred barristers
  • Equitable Briefing option

My father and grandfather were barristers’ clerks. I understand the significant role they played so I have an inherent passion and understanding of this area,
Stephen Foley, Founder and Managing Director

BarristerSELECT harnesses the experience and knowledge of the barristers’ clerk as the trusted advisor to select the most appropriate barrister for any given brief. As the barristers’ clerk has an intimate knowledge of their barristers’ strengths, interests and abilities.

BarristerSELECT enables a solicitor to select their preferred chambers or barrister, in recognition of post relationship and the solicitor’s experience. Even if they are not yet listed with us, we have an integrated process where the relevant clerk is notified of the brief and allowed to respond separately. The workflow of the solicitor or their client is never disadvantaged.

BarristerSELECT includes an Equitable Briefing option, providing firms with the opportunity to ensure that women barristers are considered. A Equitable Briefing Policy is founded on equity principles and designed to promote opportunities for women at the bar.


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