Barrister Diary

Keep track of your schedule, share appointments with your Barrister Clerk and log all communication in your taLaw Diary.



Our software provides a flexible and secure diary system to help you stay organised, work efficiently, and coordinate with your Barrister Clerk in real-time. Active integration with the taLaw Accounts, CRM and Mailroom programs, means our software ensures your information is centralised and organised, so you can remain in control of your appointments.


1. Accessibility and Integration

  • 24/7 access on any device using a standard browser
  • Secure password access
  • Fully integrated with taLaw Accounts, CRM and Mailroom


2. Functionality

  • Display one month at a time
  • Update personal details
  • View profile, website, LinkedIn and personal details


3. Manage Bookings

  • Add and update contacts and firms
  • Create and update bookings
  • Add detail to bookings including fee structure and notes
  • Enter bookings using concordance or free form or both
  • Select multiple days for bookings including non-consecutive dates
  • Cut/copy and paste bookings


4. Options

  • Two-way Diary Sync 
  • Dashboard 
  • eBrief integration


taLaw Diary-Sync

2-way Sync your calendar with your clerks calendar automatically. Work bookings in your own calendar will now automatically update your clerks computer without you having to enter the information again. Any bookings your clerk makes will automatically update your own calendar.


taLaw Dashboard

All your favourite web pages are now saved in one place for easy access. Select from popular web pages for Barristers or create your own links. Check out our slide show to see the Dashboard in action.


eBrief Integration

Have the best of both worlds (hard copy and electronic copy). Now you can have access to an electronic (PDF) version of your  documents. Only take home what you really need knowing that you have access to all your other documents online. Super fast searching. Contact taLaw now to find out more…


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